Organic Dreams of Electric Sheep: Image, Empathy and Pulse: After Philip K. Dick, Gigi Scaria, Mithu Sen, Pooja Iranna and Baiju Parthan

The question this show poses is between the various mediums of image making, depiction and archive – the use of the video format, which itself has expanded its role to encompass the archival in conceptual art to documentation and narrative – in conjunction with photography and its expanded field of contemplation – the making of an image has not only changed but has also obtained a fluidity between the mediums. The exhibition proposes to ask whether there is a distinction between the two mediums and if so what changes take place in those distinctions as it relates to the final image, or experience of experience – each distinction being under question – as the image moves from one to the other.

The Guild
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Dates and Timings
Thursday, March 14 to Wednesday, March 27
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