Equivalences, Raymonde April

Exhibition supported by the Bureau du Québec in Mumbai, in collaboration with What About Art? and Space 118, with thanks to the Horniman Circle Garden Trust.

“Equivalences gathers a selection of 12 images by Canadian photographer from Québec, Raymonde April, taken in Québec (Montréal, 2007-2012), China (Beijing, 2008) with a new group of 4 images taken in Bombay (2012-2013) during a recent residency. Each of the three groups contains urban landscapes, portraits and scenes of everyday life, foregrounding figures within space, and integrating prosaic elements that assume poetic form by means of the transformative power of photography.

The artist combines and juxtaposes them according to the specific deambulation of the urban garden (and historical landmark) of Horniman Circle. Even though each series may be regarded as a self-sufficient entity, the three streams of images echo each other and instead of being related in narrative or chronological terms, they are intended as “equivalents”: transitional, ephemeral forms. As viewers travel in time and space through the garden from one image to another, guided by the images themselves and by their spatial configuration in the garden (whose paths also inflect the process of “reading”), they experience a sense of discovery, resonance and, perhaps, of déjà vu.

Horniman Circle Gardens
Horniman Circle, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Fort

Dates and Timings
Wednesday, March 13 to Wednesday, March 27
Opening hours: Daily, 10am – 8pm