Ruth Buck

Come Back to Earth: The March, Ruth Buck

Video with 279 images, duration: 9:59 minutes
Presented by Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council in collaboration with Design Temple

Step by step from one ground to another. Our feet are constantly moving onwards to another different situation and space. The experiment to move on a path with so many different situations, and spaces during a very short time – this is the impact of The March.

A journey and the experience of half a year packed into 9.59 minutes.

The presentation comprises of a slideshow and involves an exploration of photography as a reflective means of intervention and interpretation of society. Ruth Buck was on a residency in India awarded by Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council. The presented works are an outcome of her residency during which she travelled to different places in India capturing images and experiences on her camera.

Come Back to Earth is Ruth’s unique and unusual way of discovering India. The focus of the work is directed towards the ground, which reveals a great deal about social organisation, rules and conditions. It tells of humans, habits, orderliness and regulations, cultures, home, beliefs, needs, desire, beauty, fears, ideals, difficulties, and more. The work raises many questions about the relationship between an individual and the public space and about how the need for control impacts space and property.

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