37 Indian Still Lifes
Adil Hasan, Amit Mehra, Amit Pasricha, Anna Fox, Annu Matthew, Anuj Ambalal, Arun Nangla, Bijoy, Chowdhury, Blodsow V. S., Christopher Taylor, Deepak John Matthew, Edgar Angelone, François Daireaux, Gireesh G. V., Jasmeen Patheja, Jyothi Bhatt, Karen Knorr, Madhavi Swarup, Mahesh Shantaram, Manoj Kumar Jain, Mukesh Parpiani, Navroze Contractor, Neeta Madahar, Pradip Malde, Prarthana Modi, Prashant Panjiar, Rajesh Vora, Rajib De, Saibal Das, Sunil Gupta, Swapan Nayak, Tarun Chopra, Tim Hall, Tom Parker, Vicky Roy, Vinay Mahidhar, Vivek Vilasini

A group exhibition presented by Tasveer in association with Art Musings

For this exhibition, Tasveer gave a brief to 37 of the leading photographers working in India today to investigate the subject of still life, and to see how this subject can be explored in a specifically Indian context. Whilst one of the central genres in the history of art, this has been an all but neglected field of enquiry in contemporary photography in India – overshadowed primarily by the social documentary of Indian photographers and the increasingly conceptualised gaze of foreign reportage in the country. As such, the cultures, events and landscape of India are often documented, but the presentation of physical objects, and the narratives therein, remain largely un-investigated.

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